Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Exodus 8: Frogs, lice and flies!

Good evening, friends.  How are you getting on with your own readings and Bible study?
While reading today's chapter, I began to think about it in more depth than ever before.  Normally I just quickly read over the words in simple acceptance and faith of what happened here but I've never really taken the time to consider what this must have been like for the people in Egypt.  Imagine opening your kitchen cupboards and some slimy, croaking frogs looking back out at you, or going to bed and finding a whole pile of them under your duvet.  Yuck!!! I don't know about you but the very thought of 'lice' and 'flies' gives me the creeps!  And not just some flies, but swarms of them.   In the summer time, I'm always running around our house with fly killer and newspapers, swatting anything that remotely resembles a fly, and quickly closing doors and windows!  This would've been awful for the people but it wasn't the Lord's fault.  He had given Pharaoh the opportunity once again to repent and let the people go to serve the Lord but again Pharaoh "hardened his heart".
There is a simple word of warning here too.  Pharaoh asked Moses to pray to God on his behalf to take away the plague and he would then let the people go, which Moses did.  But once Pharaoh saw that the danger was past, he reneged and went back to his old ways.  Very often this is what people will do when they are sick or in trouble; they promise the Lord that they will obey Him if He would just help them and get them out of their trouble but as soon as He does this for them, they continue on as if nothing was ever wrong.  We need to be very careful not to 'use' the Lord.  
The Lord will always look after His own dear children as He did in this chapter.  He made a division between His people and Pharaoh's so that the Israelites would not be harmed by the plague.  God will always take care of those who love Him and protect them from harm.  What a wonderful Saviour!
Hugs Karen x 

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