Monday, 12 January 2015

Exodus 6: The seven promises -"I will..."

Good morning and welcome to week two of our studies in Exodus!

Today we are looking at chapter 6, where we see God rising up to judge Pharaoh.  For quite a while now, Pharaoh has sat on his throne, giving orders and questioning the very existence of Jehovah.  The Lord has allowed him time to repent and change but he has grown harder and now the time has come...that appointed time when the Lord steps in to do His will.  Verse 1 starts with a simple word that means relief for Moses, "Now".  At last Moses can take a step back and let God deal with Pharaoh.

Five times in this chapter, God reminds Moses that He is indeed "the Lord" (vs 2, 6-8, 29) and this is followed by a long and wonderful list of what God intends to do.  Sadly, those people who do not love the Lord and who do wickedly, think they can say and do what they like without any fear of consequences. They think that either God isn't there, that He doesn't see everything or that He doesn't care.  But knowing He is there, seeing everything and that He cares for His children is what keeps Christians going in the face of unfairness and harshness.  They know that God will eventually step in, when the time is right.  He also reminds Moses that He hasn't forgotten His covenant with the patriarchs and then He gives him, not one, or two, but seven wonderful promises!  Let's apply these promises to our situations today.

1. "I will bring you out from under the burdens of..."  What are your burdens today?  Something related to health, finances, work, family, marriage, friendships?  He promises that, in His time, He will bring you out from under these burdens.

2. "I will rid you out of their bondage".  Is there something holding you back from doing something good for the Lord?  Are you afraid, worried?  Someday, and hopefully soon, the Lord will free you from the power of whatever this is.

3. "I will redeem you".  If you are not yet saved, the Lord holds out the arm of salvation to you - grasp it now while there is still time.

4.  "I will take you to me for a people".  The Lord saves and chooses us to be His redeemed people.  We are His and nothing can ever change that.

5. "I will be to you a God".  He is almighty, powerful, loving, gracious, merciful and He is our heavenly Father.  He cares about us and wants the best for us.

6. "I will bring you in...".  Do you feel as though you are far away from the Lord?  Have you wandered away from Him?  He is exactly where you left Him.  The Lord doesn't leave us; it is us who are prone to wandering.  But there is hope because the Lord will welcome you back into His loving arms and keep you safe where you belong.

7.  "I will give it (that is, the land) to you for an heritage."  What a wonderful reward awaits the faithful Christian.  God is preparing a mansion for you and me, a home in heaven and when our time on this earth is done, it is ours along with the glorious joy of being in His presence.

What more can the Christian look for or desire?  I pray that, whatever your need is today, you will find a promise here that you can make your own.

Hugs Karen x

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  1. Thnks Mrs Murray 4 all your encouragement Ann x😄