Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Exodus 2: Moses delivered from death by God's protecting hand

January Bookmark

Here is the reading plan for January.  Print it off and use it as a bookmark in your Bible.

We are also going to be trying to commit some verses to memory, so this is the Scripture we will be memorizing over the coming weeks - Psalm 77:11-20.
This week we are memorizing Psalm 77:11,12 - 

12 I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings. 

In Exodus 1:22, Pharaoh warned the Egyptians to throw every baby boy they found into the river. It is ironic then that Moses' own mum put him into the river to protect him. Here in chapter 2 we have another godly and brave woman - she took great risk to protect her baby. Again as in chapter 1, we see that when people honour God, He honours them.

Of all the people who could possibly stumble upon this little treasure hidden in the river, it was someone who could have done him a lot of harm. It was Pharaoh's daughter and she had the power to have Moses killed. But instead her heart was moved with compassion for this little baby. Although this could've ended terribly, the Lord had great and wonderful plans for Moses and nothing could stand in the way of God's will. 

The princess knew immediately that Moses was a Hebrew baby, but instead of having him killed, she gave him back to his own mother to bring him up for her and she even paid her to do the job!  What a wonderful opportunity for Moses' mum!  She had bravely protected him and the Lord had given her little son back to her and had blessed her further by giving her a wage for doing what she loved. 

Moses' mother was able to instruct her young son in the Holy Word of God; she would also have been able to teach him about the history of his nation and the fact that the Jews had been chosen as God's special people.  We all know that the early years of a child's life are extremely important when it comes to teaching the Word of God, teaching anything, in fact. For all of you who are mothers of young children, enjoy the precious time of influence for good that you can have on your little ones. The bible tells us that when we teach a child when he is young, those lessons will stay with them always. This is a further encouragement to those of you who are mothers of young people who may have been taught the scriptures as a child but who have now gone astray.   

Proverbs 22:6 KJV
[6] Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Keep praying that the Word will be deep in their heart, deep enough to convict them and draw them back to their Saviour. 

Perhaps you have learned some other lesson from this chapter. Please feel free to share with us what you have learned. 

Prayer matters: Pray for mothers who are starting out on their journey of motherhood and also for those who may be heartbroken over their prodigal young people. Also remember those ladies who may be struggling with the loss of a little one and those who are still waiting on the Lord to answer their prayers according to His perfect will.


  1. Verse 9 is a lovely example of the wonderful role of foster parents x

  2. Hello Lynne, you are absolutely right! I never thought of it this way. Thank you for your insight and for sharing that thoughtful comment. God bless Kx