Friday, 23 January 2015

Exodus 15: How soon we forget!

Good evening, friends and welcome to my two newest followers. You are very welcome and I hope you find much blessing here.
Can you believe we are at the end of week 3 already? Where has the time gone?!

So here we are, with Moses and the children of Israel, safe on the other side of the Red Sea with the enemy defeated and destroyed. So, as we would expect, there is great praise and thanksgiving for all the Lord has done for them. This was truly a miracle, the way the Lord made a safe passage way through this huge sea for His people; not one of them was lost. They sing and shout for joy! They praise God for His:
  • glory (v6)
  • power (v6)
  • victory (v7)
  • protection (v10)
  • incomparable excellence (v11)
  • mercy (v13)
  • redemption (v13)
  • guidance (v13)
What an amazing God we have! Are you aware of just how much the Lord loves you and wants to take care of you? Think back over your life and all the wonderful blessings He has sent your way. We cannot cease to praise Him!

Then after all this praise for past blessings, the people felt a great sense of hope for the future and they sang praises to the Lord for what He was going to do in bringing them into their own land, a place of rest and safety for ever (vs17,18). These two verses also remind us of what lies ahead for the child of God in eternity. God is preparing us an eternal home with Him as our King for ever and ever. We have so much to be thankful for, past, present and future.

But, this is all forgotten within a short time, only three days, in fact. Moses led the people into the wilderness of Shur, but there was no water for them to drink. So, the people murmured and complained. Had they completely forgotten that only three days earlier God had divided a sea that was 1400 miles long and 221 miles wide and 7254 ft deep to bring them to safety? Do they not think that He can provide a cup of water for them to drink? This is only a minor problem in comparison with the huge Red Sea!

Isn't life often like this? It can be a roller coaster of emotions - up on the mountain top one minute, and the next we're down in the valley. This is especially true for women, you know, with all these hormones we have to deal with!! We often live just for the moment and want everything to be perfect and always going our way and when there is a hiccup on our journey, we forget how the Lord has blessed in the past and we start to murmur and complain. The problem is that very often we tend to rely on our own feelings too much instead of reminding ourselves that we should be trusting in the Lord and what He has planned for us. We need to say to ourselves "The Lord blessed me and looked after me during such and such a trial, so why would I fear that He won't help me this time, and the next time and the time after that?"

Instead of thinking about what we don't have, let's try to focus on what we do have and how the Lord has blessed in previous times, believing in faith that He will do it again!

Hugs Karen x

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