Thursday, 22 January 2015

Exodus 14: Walking through the Red Sea

Good afternoon, and welcome to Exodus 14.  This chapter is just full of the Lord's merciful grace, His protection and salvation.
Isn't the internet an amazing place to gather information, some good and unfortunately, some not so good? When I was growing up, my generation got all their information from encyclopedias or other similar books. Now we just type a word into Google and get all the information we need. So, I checked out 'the Red Sea'. Apparently it is 1400 miles long - about the same distance from Belfast to Copenhagan and back; about 221 miles wide (approximately from Belfast to Galway) and it has a maximum depth of 7254 feet. So even looking at this huge expanse of sea would have been enough to put fear and hesitation into the people of Israel.
There are some commands from the Lord in this chapter that we need to take note of, especially if there is something you are facing today or in the days ahead that might seem very overwhelming. Is there something looming on your horizon that is causing you to fear and feel it is all too much?  God stands by your side with these words of instruction -
  •  "Fear not"
  • "stand still"
  • "see God's salvation"
In other words, God has this all under control.  He can mange on His own without our help on this one. It's too big for us to try and deal with it so move across into the passenger seat and let God take the wheel. Our job is to trust Him and not be afraid; to settle ourselves down and be patient for the outcome. And what will the outcome be? God's deliverance and salvation. Step aside and let Him have the glory.
And then, when He has provided a way of deliverance for you, what does He want you to do? "Go forward". We get through difficult patches and then we keep going. Of course, this isn't always easy, because we have emotions and feelings that sometimes hinder our progress. But we need to keep trusting in the Lord to give us the grace and strength for every trial. What would've happened if the Israelites had gone only 3/4 of the way through the Red Sea and didn't keep going forward? Obviously they would have been destroyed with their enemy. Don't let your enemy, the devil, have the victory in your life. Prove to him and the world that you serve a wonderful God who helps you to keep moving forward.
Prayer matters: Ask the Lord to give you the patience to step aside and let Him take control and then when you come out on the other side, ask Him for grace to keep going forward, for His glory. Why should we be afraid? We have the Creator of the universe, the King of kings and Lord of lords on our side.
Hugs Karen x


  1. Hi Karen, a very encouraging post, thank you for sharing ❤️ Xx

    1. Hi Marlou, thank you for your very kind comments! They are always appreciated Kx

  2. Really look forward to reading this each day xx

    1. I'm glad, Daphne! That encourages me Kx