Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Exodus 12: God institutes the Passover

Hello friends.  Isn't the weather cold at the minute? I hope you've escaped all these bugs and colds that are going about at the minute; unfortunately I am dosed with the cold, coughing and sneezing constantly, with a nose that Rudolph would be jealous of!

Verse 3 is one of my favourite verses, "...and when I see the blood, I will pass over you...

How can these blessed words not encourage the heart of the believer? This is the Gospel in a nutshell. When we ask Christ into our heart, when we're forgiven because of His finished work on the cross, when we have His atoning blood applied to our heart, we have NOTHING to fear. Our future in heaven is secure - on the day of judgment we will have no fear of being cast into a lost eternity; the price for our sin has been paid.

Of all the plagues that Pharaoh was faced with, this was the only one that had any impact on him directly and personally. He didn't seem to be affected when other people's houses were filled with frogs or when their cattle and crops were destroyed - but now the plague has come straight to his home and family. His firstborn son has died and he is lamenting. I wonder if he remembered the terrible atrocities he had committed when he ordered the murder of all the firstborn Hebrew baby boys. We must be aware that 'we reap what we sow' and Pharaoh was certainly reaping what he had sown years earlier.

Take great comfort from the fact that if you are saved and trusting in the blood of Christ for salvation, then you will never experience separation from God, but you will at all times be protected by His hand.

Prayer matters: Ask the Lord to help you understand just what you have been saved from and the blessing that salvation truly is. Also ask Him to speak to the hearts of unsaved loved ones, that they would take heed to the warnings of the Gospel and repent now and be saved.

Hugs Karen x

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