Monday, 19 January 2015

Exodus 11: God reveals the final plague to Moses

Hello there everyone and welcome to our third week of Bible study!  Thank you to all of you who are following me and have already said you are encouraged by these studies.  This is what I'm aiming for...that we are blessed and encouraged together as we dig into the treasures of the Word. Welcome also to our newest follower!

So, how are you getting on with memorising the verses?  Do you want my honest truth? I'm struggling with them because they are not familiar verses, but I think I'll persevere with them as I don't want to give up so early in the game.  But I do think we'll learn easier and different verses after we've done these ones.  I hope you don't mind!

Here's this week's verse

What have you learned from today's chapter?  My thoughts on chapter 11 are short tonight.

Verse 1 tells us that the Lord is totally in control of every situation and He knows exactly what will happen. Isn't it interesting that the Lord tells Moses that this will be the last plague and that finally Pharaoh will let the people go? I've a feeling the Lord tells him this to encourage him because, don't forget, Moses has gone to speak to Pharaoh on nine different occasions and every time he has been shot down and rejected by the wicked king. Maybe Moses is beginning to lose heart; I know if I was in his shoes I'd probably feel like it was time to give up.

Here's another very interesting thing to take note of.  In verse 3, we see that after all the stand-offs with Pharaoh and all the warnings from God to him through Moses, it isn't actually Pharaoh who has a sincere repentance of heart but it seems that the people of Egypt and indeed Pharaoh's own servants are the ones who have been spoken to. They see the truth of all that Moses has been saying and they now believe him and hold him in high regard. You know, sometimes we may be witnessing to someone in the family, at work or in school, but they reject what we say. We keep trying for a while but they don't seem to be interested. However, there may be other people around who may be listening to what we are saying and the Lord speaks to them. You just never know who may be taking note of your witness and life!

Prayer matters: pray that the Lord will help us always to be faithful to Him and to keep going on, even in the face of great discouragement. Ask the Lord to help you to be a constant witness for Him in your daily life.

I pray that the Lord will abundantly bless each one of you this week wherever He has placed you.

Hugs Karen x

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  1. Our witness & how we live out our lives is so important, because for some people, we may be the only Bible they read! Andrea