Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Good evening, girls! Hope your day has been good so far.

Today I am looking at the verse 1 as it spoke clearly to me.
"I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day".
As a Christian, I do spend my life trying to serve the LORD and doing what is right at all times but I know that so often, I let the LORD down. I sometimes act rashly in situations without thinking, I maybe say something I shouldn't have, I have a wrong attitude about certain things. I know I could honestly say "I have tried to live in all good conscience before God until this day" but I couldn't say with Paul that "I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day". Of course, this doesn't mean that, because I have failed, I should give up trying. I need to keep aiming to be the best I can be for God and with His help and grace.

Also, my aim is to please GOD and to live right before Him first and foremost, not before men. However, it goes without saying that if I live right before God, then I am also living right before men.

Being a Christian isn't always easy and there are people who will criticise us for what we do and say but as long as we know in our heart of hearts that we are living according to what the Bible teaches, then that is what matters. We need to be able to base everything we say, do and think on the Scriptures and have a godly reason for it.

I pray that the Lord will help you and me this week to put Him first and live well before Him.

Hugs, Karen x

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Good evening, girls!

For the next 8 days, except for weekends, we'll be looking at the final chapters of Acts. I've decided that, after we finish Acts, I'll bring the blog to an end. I have been talking to various ladies who follow the blog and it seems that they seem happy to go along at their own pace. I'm glad that by now you have found your own footing and have established your own Bible Study routine! This is wonderful! That's what this blog was all about; giving you the groundwork to get into God's Word regularly. I hope that you will continue to read God's Word AND study it to gain the treasures that He has in store for you there. Of course you can still follow along with Courtney over at Women Living Well.

Have a good week, walking with the Lord!

Hugs, Karen x

Friday, 30 October 2015

Numbers 20: 'Anger' is one letter away from 'Danger'

Hi there friends! Glad it's the weekend? I love Fridays ☺.

First of all, thanks again to those who gave me feedback on how the Lord has been blessing and encouraging you in your walk with Him. I put the names in a 'container' today and hubby picked one out. The winner of the book is...LORNA S!!!!
Lorna, please text or what's app your address to me and I'll get the book to you asap. I have decided to give a tiny wee something to the others who took part as well. You'll get yours at the weekend!

Let's look at Numbers 20 now. As soon as I read verses 2-5 I thought, "Here we go again". The people of Israel gang up against Moses and Aaron with their complaints and hostility. They keep harking back to the past, seeing their situation through rose-coloured glasses. And now they even wish for death. They keep asking "Why?"; they see only the negative in everything. We can learn a very important lesson here, which is to be very careful how we respond to our difficulties. Every situation we find ourselves in has been arranged or allowed by God and it is one opportunity after another to glorify His holy name, obviously depending on how we handle it. When difficulties come, do we immediately ask "Why me?" or do we wish we were living in the past, for it seemed better there? Do we blame others or do we complain and grumble and cause the Lord to be angry with us? Does God ever say of us "Here we go again? After all the good I do for this person, all they ever do is complain"?

In this situation, Moses and Aaron went straightaway to talk to the Lord about the latest developments and to ask what they should do next.

Image result for bible numbers 20Verses 8, 11 & 12. We cannot read Moses' heart and intentions but he was obviously (and understandably) very angry. Here was his opportunity to glorify the Lord's name in obedience and humility but instead he acted impulsively and sinfully. God told him to 'speak' to the rock but instead Moses 'smote the rock twice'. As a result of this, he and Aaron both lost out - they were no longer allowed to enter the promised land where they were leading God's people to. We must be very careful not to respond in anger and in haste.

Miriam had already died and at the end of this chapter Aaron was also taken home to be with the Lord, so neither of them would even get a glimpse of the land of promise (although they would have been with Christ which was very much better). But it would have been very disappointing for them and Moses too to have served the Lord for so long in obedience and then make such a mistake at the end. We can never let our guard down; we must be on our toes at all times, for the devil is out there, seeking souls to bring down and testimonies to ruin at the last hurdle. Pray that the Lord will keep you close to Himself and help you to respond in the right way to the trials of life and indeed react with grace when others would cause you to get angry.

Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday for another week in ACTS.

Hugs, Karen x

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Numbers 19: Do you see Christ?

Good evening, dear friends. We are looking at Numbers chapter 19, which has a lot of symbolism. Remember, much of what is in this book is similar to what was in Leviticus - types and symbols pointing towards the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for sin.


Verse 2 most definitely pictures the Lord Jesus in two ways:

  • "red" reminds us of the blood, of course. There is no salvation or atonement without the shedding of blood and that's exactly what the Saviour did for us on Calvary
  • "without blemish" immediately makes us think of the lovely Lord Jesus Christ. In Him was no guile or sin yet He died for those who were filled with sin.
Verse 6 mentions "cedar wood, and hyssop, and scarlet" all of which refer to materials used in the cleansing of lepers. Leprosy reminds us of the sickness that we all have from birth...sin. We are all sinners before a holy God and in the same way that God is here making provision for those who have sinned, so He did for us by sending His only begotten Son to the cross on our behalf.

Verse 13 talks about a man being tainted and polluted when he touches a dead body and needing to be made clean. Every day of our lives, even though we have been washed in the blood of Christ, we still come into contact with the things of the world and these things taint and pollute our heart, soul and mind. We need to come before the Lord for a fresh cleansing in the blood. This doesn't mean we lose our salvation and need to be re-saved, but it means that we need to keep as close to the Lord as possible and as far from the sinful things of the world. 

  1. Oh, now I see the *crimson wave! [*cleansing]
    The fountain deep and wide;
    Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save,
    Points to His wounded side.
    • Refrain:
      The cleansing stream I see, I see!
      I plunge, and, oh, it cleanseth me!
      Oh, praise the Lord, it cleanseth me!
      It cleanseth me, yes, cleanseth me.
  2. I see the new creation rise,
    I hear the speaking blood;
    It speaks, polluted nature dies,
    Sinks ’neath the cleansing flood.
  3. I rise to walk in Heav’n’s own light,
    Above the world and sin,
    With heart made pure and garments white,
    And Christ enthroned within.
  4. Amazing grace! ’tis Heav’n below
    To feel the blood applied,
    And Jesus, only Jesus know,
    My Jesus crucified.      
  5. Thanks for popping by today and thank you to the three ladies who have given me feedback about their studies in the Word. I'll be picking one name tomorrow for the book.

Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Numbers 18: Satisfied with what you have?

Good evening, friends. Hope you are well. Have you got your fire lit yet? Even though it's still quite mild, we lit ours, just for the homely glow and warmth. Love it!

Numbers chapter 19 is dedicated to the Lord telling Aaron and his sons what their duties were before Him in the sanctuary. The people had been complaining that Moses and Aaron were seemingly taking over and getting a bit too high and mighty, and here, in today's chapter, the Lord explains exactly what it is Aaron has been entrusted with. Yes, indeed, they have been given a very important job to do for the Lord - and they would have been recognised as those set apart to serve the Lord in a special and significant manner. In life, there are those who have really important jobs to do, people who are set apart to do something that most of us wouldn't be able to do. Often it is a real privilege and honour to be in such a position. BUT the Lord then goes on to explain to Aaron, his sons and the congregation that, with such a position of honour and service, there is also a high degree of responsibility and accountability. Verse 23 says,
"But the Levites shall do the service of the tabernacle of the congregation, and they shall bear their iniquity."
In other words, the Levites stood between the people, their sin and the Lord. They were the ones who had to offer up the sacrifices to God for atonement on their behalf. God expected great things of them.

Our ministers and missionaries come to mind here. They have been called to a very honourable and important position, where they serve God wholeheartedly in positions of leadership and as servants of God. They have the burden of souls on their hearts daily (as, of course, all Christians should have); yet they also have major responsibilities that God has given them the grace to bear, that He hasn't perhaps given you and me. So these dear servants of the cross need extra prayers. We need to ask the Lord to protect them, to sustain them, to keep them close to Himself. Maybe, if you have a little prayer diary, you could add the name of a missionary or minister who you could pray for on a certain day of the month. For example, in my prayer diary, I pray for our missionaries in Africa and Spain on a Monday, Tuesday is for those in the south of Ireland, etc. We know nothing of the burdens these dear people carry, so we must uphold them in prayer and support them in any way possible, to help make their burden lighter.

I often think that it is as well the Lord has equipped them as He has; I certainly don't know that I could do what they do!

Hugs, Karen x 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Numbers 17: Blossoms and blessings!

Good evening, friends. Hope your day has gone well so far, in spite of the grey day we've had.

Today we are reading and studying Numbers 17. At first glance there doesn't seem to be a lot that we can learn from this short chapter, but if you dig deeper, nuggets of truth will appear to bless your heart and soul.

At first, I couldn't see what the lesson was from the rod that budded and blossomed but then I compared it with the other 11 rods (of the tribe leaders). This was Aaron's rod that God chose to bless. God could have chosen any one of the twelve but He chose Aaron's. All 12 of the rods would've probably been old and dried out, seemingly dead pieces of wood. Mmm, a bit like us, don't you think? Dead in trespasses and sins, not worth very much and not likely to be useful for very much. But then God stepped in and did a miracle on the rod of Aaron. Aaron hadn't been or done anything better than anyone else; he wasn't special in any way (apart from being of the tribe of Levi, whom God had already pronounced as the priesthood who would serve Him. Remember from chapter 16, Korah was also of the tribe of Levi, but looked what happened to him). No, Aaron was just a man. In the same way, we are just people who have been born into this world, nobody special UNTIL God set His heart upon us and did a miracle in our lives. In the same way that He choose Aaron's rod and caused new life to come into it, He did the same for those of us who are saved. He drew us to Himself in salvation through His only beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and gave us new and eternal life.

Image result for blossoms and bloomsSo what will we do with this new life that we have been given? Like the rod, once dead but now fresh and living, we can start off with little buds...small evidences of our new life, changes that can be seen by our language, our behaviour, the places we go, the things we do. Then come the beautiful blossoms as there are more obvious changes in our life, like going faithfully to the prayer meeting, serving the Lord with the skills and talents He has given us, perhaps by singing, playing music for Him. And then is seen the fruit of our life change - we try to bring others to Christ, we witness for Him, we do our best to be soul winners for Him.

God didn't have to choose you and me...but He did and for that we should be truly thankful. But let's not sit back and think, 'that's great, I'm saved now and that's all I need to do.' Surely we should have a desire in our heart to see others, friends, family and loved ones, saved too. Let's pray for them and reach out to them and share the new life that God has given us!

Don't forget to contact me to let me know how you are doing with your studies!

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 26 October 2015

Numbers 16 - Thankful or not?

Hi friends! Hope you are well. So far, I've got two names in the hat for the book. Thank you girls for telling me how you're being blessed. Come on everyone else, don't be shy ☺.

This week we are studying Numbers 16 - 20. Hope you can follow along.

Poor Moses! He sure is having a hard time, listening to all the grumbling and complaining from the people of
Israel. And all he is doing is what the Lord has asked him to do. But this is where the big problem arises. Three men, Korah, Dathan and Abiram, think that Moses is just getting too big for his boots, telling them to do this and that, and they've had enough. So do they go quietly to Moses and tell him how they feel and try to find a solution to the problem, as they see it? Not at all! They make a big deal of it and gather another 250 disgruntled people, well-known, important men and go and hit Moses with all their grievances. But not only does Moses get it in the neck, they blame Aaron also. Moses stood up for Aaron asking why they are picking on him, he has done nothing. Being in a position of leadership isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Managing people is a very difficult job. In verse 28, Moses tried to explain to these people that he wasn't doing this of his own bat; it was God who had told him to lead them to the promised land.

Anyway, the long and short of it was that God was extremely angry with these discontented, troublesome people and he was going to destroy the whole congregation because of them (obviously God was fed up with the continual complaining) but Moses and Aaron stepped in and asked God not to destroy everyone, just those directly involved. Korah, Dathan and Abiram and their families were sent into the pit immediately and then a plague had begun to destroy the others before Aaron was able to make an atonement for them all. Aaron then stood between the dead and the living, making an atonement for their sins.

Of course this should immediately remind us of the blessed Lord Jesus Christ who stood between the dead and the living when He was nailed to the cross, making an atonement for our sins. The lovely words that follow this are 'and the plague was stayed'. When Christ died on the cross for sinners, the wrath that should have fallen upon us was held back, because of His work. For any of you who are not yet saved, it is our prayer that you would look to the Lord Jesus Christ now and be saved; accept His finished work on the cross as the atonement for your soul so that you won't have to face the final death that sin brings at the day of judgment.

Hugs, Karen x

Saturday, 24 October 2015

A book giveaway!

Hi folks! Hope your weekend is going well and that you are finding some time to relax.

I thought that I would have a book giveaway - I have a brand new copy of this book for one of my faithful readers, just to encourage you on your journey to heaven and home! It's always nice to get a special something, isn't it?

All you have to do is contact me by email, text or by the contact form on the left of the blog and tell me how you are getting along with your studies in the Word of God, how the Lord is blessing you or even just to say Hi!! I'll put all in the names in a 'hat' on Friday 30th October and get hubby to pick one out. I will then get that person's details and the book will be on its way to you!

So here is the reading plan for next week which takes us (can you believe it?!) to the end of October.

Don't forget, UK readers, to put your clocks back one hour tonight! You don't want to be late for church in the morning!!

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 19 October 2015


Good evening girls! How are you getting on with your studies? Are you still following along? I trust, with the busy pace of life, that you are able to get some time each day to spend in the Word of God. It certainly isn't easy, is it? What is it that keeps you from the Word? With me, it is usually tiredness or putting other things first ("I'll just do these dishes first" or "I have to phone so and so first") and I know that this is wrong. God MUST come first, as we learned in Numbers 15:20,21. God said the people were to bring Him the first of their 'dough'. I put a wee note in my Bible to say that
"When we give to God, it MUST NOT be the leftovers, but the FIRST and BEST of what we have." This includes our precious time.
Didn't God give His very best for us? And He gave, not His firstborn Son, but His only begotten Son, so that we could escape the punishment of Hell.

Now let's move on to ACTS 16 - it is a wonderful chapter! We read about REVIVAL (v.5), how God leads directly by His holy Spirit (v.7) and the importance and frequency of PRAYER (vs.13, 16, 25). Prayer was the anchor that held Paul and Silas and the other faithful disciples together when the going got rough.

Also, there are encouraging mentions of women in this chapter.
In verse 13, we read that it was the women who met for prayer on a regular basis.
In verses 14 and 15 we learn about Lydia, the hard working woman who prayed and listened to the words of Paul and who obediently was baptized.
In verse 16, there was the miraculous healing of the young damsel who was drawn away from the clutches of the devil and no longer served him.

It is our great privilege, if we are saved, to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the wonderful and eternal services we can do for Him is to PRAY. You will never know what God will accomplish through your sincere prayers. If you haven't been praying for a while, come close to the Lord and ask Him to renew your zeal for souls and for His work.

If you can't get someone off your mind - pray for them - you may be the only one that cares enough to do so.:

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 12 October 2015

NUMBERS 11: Stop complaining!

Hello friends! Welcome to week 6 of our studies, and today we are back in the book of Numbers. In chapter 10, we read about how the Lord led the children of Israel by day and by night through the wilderness, further away from the danger of the Egyptians and closer to the promised land. He fed them with the heavenly manna and took gracious care of them. So of course you can imagine the praise and thanksgiving that should have been going up before the LORD.

But instead what do we read? Right in the very first verse of chapter 11 these words are recorded,
"And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD." 
Notice that the word 'when' is in italics which means it was not in the original Hebrew but was put there to make good grammatical sense, so it literally reads
"And the people complained, it displeased the LORD." 
Here we are, with God looking after His people, preserving them for great things, giving them the best of food, surrounding them with His presence and all they can do is complain. Oh dear, did that strike a chord with anyone? It certainly did with me. We have so much to be thankful for, so many good and wonderful things in our lives to give thanks for; we probably have more than a good many other people in the world, and what can we often be found doing? COMPLAINING! Moaning because things are just not as perfect as we would like, or because something hasn't worked out the way we had planned, or worse, like the Israelites here (v.5) wishing for something we had in our past (perhaps even in our unsaved days) even though we know it wasn't that good in reality. Look at verse 5. They were looking back at the 'cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions and the garlic'. None of these foods have any substance to them. But now God was giving them the lovely manna which was wholesome and filling and they were crying because they preferred the past. We need to be very careful that we aren't living in the past. So often we can look back to when things may have seemed better, just because they are over now and we can only see them through rose-coloured glasses. The ungrateful Israelites seem to have easily forgotten the beatings they received under the hand of Egyptian tyranny, the hardships, the persecution and the murder they faced. Like those foods mentioned in verse 5, their lives were empty before the Lord delivered them. So were our lives, before the Lord delivered us from sin. Let us not forget what He has done for us and how much He has blessed us. Let's not forget to give Him the praise He truly deserves, instead of moaning and complaining. Let's be grateful and happy in Christ!

Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

ACTS 12: The Power of Prayer

Good afternoon, girls! Today I'm sharing with you what I learned from this chapter and it is probably something you already know and have heard about often, but we can never be reminded too often about the power of prayer. In recent times, I have seen real evidences of answered prayer in my life and in the lives of those I love. These are not coincidences or good luck. No, it is something far more real and important. It is seeing the hand of God at work and moving in lives in answer to our requests.. God loves to hear His children pray, the more the better. Just while you're doing the dishes at the sink, preparing a meal for the family, driving the car (as long as you can concentrate on your driving and are safe!)...we can pray at anytime to our heavenly Father.

Prayer is mentioned often in Chapter 12. In verse 5, the church prayed and prayed and prayed for the imprisoned Peter. Wouldn't you think that Peter would be feeling nervous and worried about what was going to happen to him when Herod summoned him later that night? But here we find Peter fast asleep, chained up in prison between two guards, seemingly unconcerned. Why do you think this would be? I imagine it was because he was resting secure and content in the knowledge that nothing would happen to him without God's say so and also because he knew without a doubt that the people of God would be praying for him, which indeed they were! In fact, he was in such a sound sleep that the angel had to give him a dig in the side to waken him up! He did exactly as the angel told him to do but even Peter himself began to wonder if this was just a dream as he calmly walked out past all the guards to relative safety and deliverance.

As he came to his senses and the event began to dawn on his consciousness, he made his way to the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark. Did he find the house all shut up for the night while the people inside were fast asleep, as he had been a short time ago? No! He knocked on the door of this building where the people of God were in prayer for Peter's deliverance. Even while they were still praying, God had already answered their prayers! Isn't that amazing! Very often while you and I are praying for something or someone, God is already working away in the background, answering our prayers. That should encourage us to keep on praying. But don't be discouraged if He doesn't answer straightaway. God has perfect timing!

Isn't it interesting to note that, even though the Christians had been up all night praying for Peter's release, when he appeared on their doorstep, they didn't actually believe it was really him? I think this might be because they had it worked out in their mind that, yes God would answer their prayers, but not like this. They maybe thought that Herod would have a change of heart and decide to let him go after all. But God did a much better job. He showed all the people, Herod included, that He is Almighty God and nothing can stand in His way when He decides to act. Sometimes we have an idea in our own mind of how God will work things out for us; maybe we even have the path all planned out, including dates, times and certain people all playing a part. But this is not a good idea, because we can get disappointed when God's timing is different from ours and His plans are very often different from ours. So let's just try to be patient and let God work in His own way and time...but in the meantime, keep praying!

Where your are today is no accident. God is using the situation you are in right now to shape you and prepare you for the place He wants to bring you into tomorrow. Trust Him with His plan even if you don't understand it.:

Hugs, Karen x

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Good afternoon, girls! I'm just popping in quickly with the reading plan for the month of October to help you keep up to date! I hope you are getting along fine. Thanks for sticking with me and I do hope you continue to blessed as you search God's Word and learn from Him.

Take care, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

NUMBERS 8: Nothing less than total obedience

Good afternoon, girls! I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having at the minute, even if it is just by looking out the window at the bright sunshine. We are certainly having better weather than in the summer, don't you think?

I was thinking especially about the words in verses 3, 20 and 22 today and about the total obedience demonstrated by Moses and Aaron to the will and purpose of God. 

Do you have any children? Or a dog? Or even both? As you look after them and teach them, what do you expect from them? If you're anything like me, two of the most important things I expected from my children as they were growing up, were to tell the truth and to be obedient. I also remember as I was growing up, one of my mum's favourite sayings to me was "Tell the truth and shame the devil"! Now, my daughter and I are so tuned into telling the truth at all times, that we even own up and tell on ourselves!! I always said to my own two children that I would rather they told the truth, no matter how bad, than sit and tell me a pack of lies, because how would I know when I could trust them in the future. I also said if they told the truth, they wouldn't get punished (don't know how wise that was!).

But the other very important characteristic that I tried to encourage in my children was obedience. Sometimes children don't like being told to do something and they may rebel and disobey and this is very disappointing, especially when they don't know as much as they think they do. The Lord Jesus Christ talked in the Bible about two sons who were told by their father to go and work for him. You can read about it in Matthew 21:28-31. When he asked the first one to go, the son replied that he wouldn't do it, but later, on reflection, he changed his mind and did it. The second son agreed to do it the minute he was asked, but in the end failed to do as asked. Christ was making the point that it was the one who rebelled first and then repented who was the obedient one, not the one who said he would and didn't. Sometimes people need a bit of time to adjust, because their heart is rebellious and stubborn and they know they have to change their will to be in alignment with God's, but they really need to do it. When the Lord calls you in mercy to salvation by faith in His Son, you may, like Saul on the road to Damascus, kick against His leading and prodding at first but then submit your stubborn will to His perfect will. If you are not saved though, it is advisable not to delay in yielding yourself to God's call to salvation because He may not call again. Ask the Lord to give you a soft and responsive heart to His call and come straightaway, like the Ethiopian eunuch.

And what about those of us who are saved but are being stubborn in heart to something the Lord is calling us to do? Is He calling you to give your testimony at a meeting and you are making excuses? Is He asking you to forgive someone for an injustice and you are refusing to let it go? Is He saying that He wants you to wait where you are for the foreseeable future but you want to change and move on ahead with your own plans? Listen to His speaking voice, and submit your heart and mind to His will for you. Be obedient to God. He knows what's best for you!

Hugs, Karen x

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Numbers 7: Special in God's eyes

Good evening, girls! Today we are reading Numbers 7, and wow, it's a long chapter, isn't it!!

When I first read it through I wondered, 'what's the reason behind giving all these details about the princes of each tribe coming with their individual offerings...especially when every single one of the twelve offerings is identical?' The only difference in the description of these offerings is the name of the person who brought them. Then it struck me - it's because every single, individual work done for God is highly important to Him, even if it is the same job that someone else is doing! God could easily have had Moses write down that
"Nahshon, Nethaneel, Eliab, Elizur (and so on) offered..."
But each person and what they did for Him is important to God and He doesn't just clump them all together in His description of what they did. No, He mentions each one of them by name and what they brought to Him as if they were the only person to do this task.

Image result for sunday school teacher

Are you a Sunday School teacher or a children's worker? You probably see yourself ONLY as one member of a big team, and indeed that is true. It's good to have teams of workers who are all of the same mind and focus. But when the Lord looks down on a Sunday morning or a Friday evening or whenever your meeting is held, as you work with the little ones, He sees one individual important part of the team who is serving Him with all of their heart. If God was to write about your offering (of service) He would probably write something like this:
"Mrs Johnston offered her time and talents to prepare to speak to this little group of children; she took time to pray for them and to teach them about their Saviour; she loves them and cares for them and seeks to reach them in My name.
Mrs Watson offered her time and talents to prepare to speak to this little group of children; she took time to pray for them and to teach them about their Saviour; she loves them and cares for them and seeks to reach them in My name.
Mr Thompson offered his time and talents to prepare to speak to this little group of children; he took time to pray for them and to teach them about their Saviour; he loves them and cares for them and seeks to reach them in My name."
All these people are doing the same work; but in their own individual way, God values them highly as an important part of His service, and as such He takes note of your labours for Him.

The Lord appreciates those who labour for Him, no matter what the task is. Just remember how special and important you are to Him! You are an individual who pleases the Lord when you serve Him. Keep up the good work!

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 28 September 2015


Good evening, girls. I hope you are all well today. Today marks the last few days of September and then we are straight into a new month, heading towards autumn. My favourite things about autumn are the beautiful colours of the leaves as they turn to reds and gold and also the warmth and coziness of getting the fire lit!

The verses that really jumped out at me from today's chapter are verses 24 - 26. When the LORD blesses, He doesn't do it by halves! He gives and gives and then gives some more, even though we are so undeserving of His blessing. Here is something you could print off and keep in your Bible as a reminder of His great goodness to you in your life.

I love these words! Especially the final words, that He gives us peace. When your heart and mind are in turmoil and distress, ask the Lord for peace. He is the only one who can give it to you, long lasting peace not something that will come and go. These words prove that He is our ALL in ALL. Only our mighty God can:
  • bless us
  • keep us - we could never keep our own salvation, only He can do that; He also keeps us above water when we think we are going to drown
  • make His face to shine upon us with pleasure and joy
  • show such graciousness to sinful people
  • take the time to show us His favour by looking upon us, in all our sin and unrighteousness, and still love us
  • give us the peace that we long for to get us through our journey to heaven and home
What a blessed and privileged people we are this day! We have a God who knows us and still loves us and blesses us in every way possible. Praise Him for His goodness to you today!

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 21 September 2015


Good morning, girls! Here we are, into our third week of studies already - one week of Acts and one of Numbers. Today, and for the rest of this week, we are back into Acts.

Here is your reading plan for the month of September.

So far, in the book, there has been something of a revival. Thousands of souls have been saved, the Gospel is being preached fearlessly and powerfully and Christians from all nations are living in accord and unity. But, oh dear, something has gone wrong. The devil is up to his usual tricks and is getting the victory over some of God's people. In verse 1 we read that, where there was once harmony, the order of the day is now complaints, bad feeling and discord among some of the Christians. Isn't that just what happens? The Lord blesses His people, they live well for Him and there is much blessing. But then, sinfulness steps in, selfishness rears its ugly head and there is discord in the ranks. There is murmuring, whispering under their breath to each other, someone is stirring things up by their complaining talk and all of a sudden the old man takes over from the new creatures in Christ. We are sinners saved by grace, which does not make us perfect, but it should make us more aware of our proneness to sin and our absolute need to keep our sinful nature under control and under the blood of Christ. God does not bless when there is fighting and bickering among His people. Let's make sure we are not the ones who are causing division by complaining and trying to get others on board. Life is hard enough at times when other people try to bring us down and Christians need to be supportive of each other, not causing splits between each other. The devil and his followers will do all in their power to cause discord in the church. Let's pray that they will have no entrance into our heart, life and church and let's keep close to each other in God's strength and love.

For further thoughts on Church Unity, you could look at this article from Got Questions

Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Numbers 3

Good afternoon, girls! How is going with the book of Numbers? I'm actually enjoying it, in spite of all the NUMBERS!!!

As I was reading, I wrote down the numbers of all the families of the Levites and added them up, getting 22,300 instead of just 22,000 as stated in verse 39. I know and believe completely that God never makes a mistake so I checked out the reasons for this difference. Check out this website, BIBLE HUB, for some insight into the various reasons for yourselves.

There are two main thoughts that I got from this chapter. They are quite simple really, but that's OK. It doesn't always have to be complicated. Sometimes I think we feel we have to find something very deep and meaningful to apply to our lives, but it's just as important to find something simple and meaningful!

Firstly, I was impressed with how Moses responded every time God gave him a command to follow. Look at verses 16, 39, 42 and 51. Moses may not have understood why he was asked to do these things but he went ahead and did exactly as he was asked anyway. He may have thought, 'What's the point in doing that?' but, regardless of any negative thoughts he may have had, he did it anyway. He may not have agreed with what God was asking him to do, but he obeyed anyway. When the Lord gives you a job to do, big or small, do you obey Him without question or do you say 'Why, Lord?'. Do you do it immediately or do you put it off again and again until you end up not doing it at all? Moses obviously trusted the Lord completely and knew that He always had a reason for everything He did or asked His people to do. For Moses, obedience was the only response.

Secondly, I noticed that God had a specific task for each group of people. The Gershonites were given the responsibility of taking care of the tabernacle itself, the tent covering, the hangings and the curtains. They had to maintain them and make sure they were always clean and presentable. When the Lord told the Israelites to pack up camp and move elsewhere, it was the Gershonites who had to dismantle the whole structure, pack it away, bring it safe to the next place and reassmble it. No easy task.

(You might like to print the diagram below and stick it into your Bible to give you a better idea of what's being talked about here).

click to view

The Kohathites had the task of looking after the sanctuary and everything that was in it. The Merarites were responsible for the boards, bars, pillars and vessels of the tabernacle. All very different jobs but all were very important in their different way. The Gershonites couldn't have reassembled the tabernacle if the Merarites hadn't put up the pillars to support it. If the Kohathites didn't do their specialized job, there would be nowhere for the Levites to carry out their sacrifices to God and the whole thing would be useless.
We all have different but equally important jobs to do in our service for God. Some women are brilliant at making tea, traybakes and cakes, while others are excellent at welcoming people in the pews who sit beside them. Some can sing for the Lord while others can speak a word at a meeting. Some are wonderful at encouraging others with texts, emails, cards and other small tokens of kindness. You'll know what you do best and you'll find your special place in the Lord's work. Just don't feel that you have to be involved in every single thing. Be a specialist! Be the very best you can be doing what the Lord has blessed you with. When our individualized, specialist jobs are done with a full heart for the Lord and His work, it will all come together and should work like clockwork for his glory!

Hugs, Karen x

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Numbers 2

Good morning, girls! So how did you feel about Numbers chapter 1? It's more interesting than you would think, isn't it?

Chapter 2 is also interesting in that God has designed and laid out an exact plan for where the tribes of Israel are to encamp in relation to the tabernacle. Everything God does is orderly and on purpose. God gave Noah exact measurements and instructions for the ark and it was a perfect means of safety for him and his family. God gave exact instructions for the building of the tabernacle, the only acceptable way to meet with God. Similarly, God has given exact instructions for salvation. We must accept our own sin, see that Jesus Christ is the only one who is able to save us from our sin, and that we must come to God through Christ in repentance and faith.

Here is a visual picture of the layout of the camp.

Click here for a link to a more in depth study of why the tribes were placed where they were
Nothing is haphazard with the Lord. This is such a simple truth but it means so much to you and me as His children. We can live our lives knowing that absolutely NOTHING happens by chance. As Christians we don't believe in 'luck'. Luck is something people believe in when things, good or bad, happen by chance or accidentally. I'm so glad I trust in a God who arranges all things in order and providentially with a plan. God's plan for the lives of His children is that we all glorify His name and enjoy His goodness and mercy day by day. Isn't it wonderful to know that when something happens in your life, whether good or bad, it has happened for a reason, a reason that will ultimately be for God's glory and our own good. Do you remember when Joseph was thrown into the pit by his brothers and then bought by the Ishmaelites who sold him as a slave into Egypt? This might have seemed to some people as plain old bad luck. But not to those who love the Lord and know His plans are always good for His people. Even Jacob felt hard done by and was sure that all things were working out against him in the loss of Jacob and then maybe Benjamin also. But we can't see the big picture as God can, which is why we have to trust in His wisdom. God was using Joseph's situation to save him and his family from starvation, along with many others. The next time you find yourself in an awful situation (or what you think is awful) try to bear in mind that further up the road God has great blessings to shower on you. You just can't see it now but as your story unfolds and as you look back on your journey you will see God's hand as He led and guided you in the best path for your life. Sometimes it's just a matter of lying low and waiting for the storm to pass, which it most certainly will with God in control. Be encouraged today, friends, whatever the trial is that you're facing just now; God WILL bring you through.

Another interesting thing to note about the tribes in their camps is that they each had their own standard, a sign that showed which tribe and family they belonged to. Each was different from the other. As Christians, we carry a banner, that signifies whose family we belong to. We are of the family of the Lord Jesus Christ and as such, we are to be different from those around us. This can be seen in how we speak, the language we choose to use, what we read, where we go, etc. Can people say of you that you are a true Christian, one who stands up for what they believe in? I know we let the Lord down every day we live, because even though we are saved we are not perfect, and won't be until we reach heaven, but in the meantime, while we are on our journey to our eternal home, we should be trying to live the best we can, not for ourselves, but for the Lord's sake.

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Numbers 1

Good morning, girls! I hope today is a good day for you all whatever lies ahead. If it's not so good, I pray that the Lord will be with you and give you the grace and strength to face it. Remember, whatever challenges are in store for you and me, God's grace is "sufficient" to carry you through.

HERE is where you can access the bookmark for the month of September.
Today we are in the book of Numbers and the first chapter. Of course, I presumed this chapter (and probably most of the book as well) would be dry and difficult. How could I possibly think this about any of God's Word? How wrong that is! God's Word is sweet and precious and every single word is important and for our benefit. I just came at it with the wrong attitude. If this is you too, ask the Lord to help you approach His Word with eagerness and anticipation, expecting to learn wonderful and new things from it that you can apply to your life as you seek to live more and more in a way that pleases Him.

I think part of my problem is that I suffer from NUMEROPHOBIA! Really, I'm not joking! Apparently there is such a thing...a fear of numbers. I hate numbers. As soon as I see numbers, my brain goes into freeze mode and I just cannot think straight. I love English and other languages but numbers is just not my thing. So maybe that's why I thought this would be a dry and difficult book, because it is full of...well, numbers!!! And just look at chapter 1! There are numbers in thousands all needing added up. God told Moses it was time to add up all the numbers of the people of Israel. Well, not all of them, in this case it was just to be the males aged twenty and over who were fit and able to be in an army. This was a massive task for Moses accompanied by his brother Aaron but what I learned here was that God asked them to do this on a certain day and they got started immediately and had it completed on the same day. Do you ever procrastinate? I do sometimes, especially with jobs that don't appeal to me that much. But I've been learning recently and putting into practice more often the fact that when I have a job to do, I should do it straightaway. It's not going to get any easier by putting it off. There is a huge sense of relief when the job has been done, isn't there? When it comes to the Lord, we should always try and do whatever job He asks us to do immediately. Anything we have to do, should always be done with His glory in mind. No matter how unappealing it may be or how hard, the sooner we do it the better. Verse 54 at the end of this first chapter says that
...the children of Israel did according to all that the Lord commanded Moses, so did they.
 Notice the word 'ALL'. Not just some things, or the bits that they were happy to do, but all of it. What is the Lord asking you to do today or this week? Will you do it quickly and immediately and with all of your heart?

Have a good day.

Hugs, Karen x

Friday, 11 September 2015

Acts 1-5: Are you continuing with determination?

Good evening girls! How have you been getting along this week with the first five chapters of Acts? I have to admit I'm a bit behind myself because this has been a very busy and difficult week, but that's the joy of having the two weekend days to catch up! I know I said I'd be here on Wednesday and I apologize for not popping in; I'll try harder next time not to let you down!!

What verses spoke most to you out of these chapters so far?
I was struck by the words of Acts 2:42,
And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.
Do you ever get weary? Weary with the trials of life? Weary with praying? Weary with keeping on top of things? Weary with trying to be a good Christian? I'd be very surprised if anyone said an emphatic "No!" to these questions. Sometimes life is just plain hard! It sometimes feels as though it's three steps forward and then two back. Up one day and down the next. Does this sound familiar? I think that sometimes the events and trials of life become the only things we see and the salvation, grace and mercy of God fade into the background, simply because we aren't really trying to focus on Him. Instead we focus on what or who is bothering could be just one thing or indeed one person, but it's enough to throw us off track and we stumble and often fall in our Christian life. What's the first thing you do when you are having a problem? Who do you turn to? Of course, it is completely acceptable to go to your family or best friend to have a talk about how you are feeling, if they are someone you can trust. But do you consider going to talk it over with the Lord at any time? Usually, when we talk about our worries and concerns with family or friends they will offer a supportive shoulder to cry on and then, if they're saved, will offer to pray for us. And that is all very good. But think about it...they are going to talk to God about your problems and intercede on your behalf, and maybe you yourself don't even mention it to the Lord. I know I've done this at times. Someone has said, "I'll remember you in prayer", but you keep carrying the burden yourself and don't tell God about it. Christian friend, don't you know that the Lord wants to hear your prayers for help? When you feel that no one else can help or understand, you're right! No one knows or cares about you the way the Lord does. But even better than this, He is the only one who can do anything about it for you. Your friends and family love and care for you and they'll do what they can to help, but at the end of the day it is only our loving heavenly Father who can actually work things out according to his will. He may perhaps change your situation but often, as he did with Paul when he asked three times for the thorn to be removed from him, God simply replied "My grace is sufficient for you." In Acts 2:42, these believers were determined to keep going on in their Christian life, by listening to and learning from good sound doctrine, having fellowship with other saved believers, taking communion and spending time in prayer. They would have been at risk of great personal persecution because of their faith in those days and they could easily have gotten weary and downcast, but they 'continued stedfastly'. When the trials and annoyances of circumstances and life try to push away our view of Christ, that's when we need to focus on Him even more. If you've recently had, or are on your way into, a difficult situation, remember to keep looking to the Saviour. Spend much time talking to Him about it in prayer. he alone can see you through it and give you the grace you need to keep you above board. Focus on Him!


Have a great weekend and hopefully, DV, we'll be in the first five chapters of Numbers next week. Here is the reading plan for the month of September.

Hugs, Karen x

Monday, 7 September 2015

Welcome back to a new 'double' study!

Good morning girls! How are you doing today? I hope you all had a good summer break, and maybe even got away for a few days. As most of my followers know, my son got married in the summer and he and his lovely new wife bought us a surprise trip to Krakow. Hubby and I have talked for a long time about how we would love to go to see the concentration camps over there but had never got round to organising a trip like this, so you can imagine how pleased we were with this thoughtful gift! Auschwitz and Berkenau were the two camps we visited. Very, very sad and distressing to think human beings did this to other humans, things we couldn't even imagine in our worst nightmares. But it did happen and it reminded us of the many, many blessings each and every one of us enjoys today. If you ever get the chance to go over to Poland, I would definitely recommend a trip to Krakow.

Anyway, back to our Bible study. Courtney has suggested that we will be studying the book of ACTS followed by the book of NUMBERS. I have decided that, to keep things fresh and interesting, we will do alternate weeks in Acts and Numbers. So instead of studying just the book of Acts for the first 6 weeks and then going into Numbers for the next 7 weeks, we will do it week about. Hope that makes sense. I have attached a PDF of the reading list for the month of September HERE.

I hope you enjoy these studies and are able to follow along on a regular basis.
I'll be back on Wednesday with a few thoughts on what I've learned on the previous days.

Lots of hugs, Karen x

Monday, 31 August 2015

Song of Solomon 8:9-14 ♥ " that found favour." ♥

Good morning, girls! Today is our last day in the book of Song of Solomon. I feel happy that I've read it through and actually studied it and gleaned important lessons from it for the first time! I feel a bit sad to be leaving it now, but I'm also excited to be starting into ACTS next week. After today's study we will take a break until next Monday (7th Sept) when we will start the book of Acts. You know the importance of keeping reading your Bible every day, so we shouldn't slack off from reading this week. Instead, why not take this opportunity to read over the beautiful words in the book of Song of Solomon again, this time with a better idea of the story behind the book, with the fresh insight you have into who the characters are, and you never may find other treasures you didn't see the first time around!

In verse 10, we read words that apply to every one who is truly saved and born again..."then was I in his eyes as one that found favour". This means that the groom saw his loved one and she became special to him and he had a deep love for her. Do you remember the day you were saved, when you felt the drawing of the Holy Spirit to come to Christ? Maybe you'd known for a long time that God loved you but it hadn't yet touched your heart personally. Or maybe, like me, you had never really known about God's great mercy and salvation until the day He called you to Himself.

Whatever way you came to Christ, the whole truth is that He loved you even before you were born. While you were still forming in your mother's womb, God had set His love and favour upon you. Isn't that amazing...and also very humbling? Why? Because we were born in sin, there was never anything lovely about us to even deserve God's love or mercy, we spent our lives in disobedience and rebellion against a holy God, BUT YET we found favour in His eyes. This is something we will never understand until we get to heaven, so it's best not to try to figure it out, but what we can do is rejoice in God's goodness, grace and mercy towards us. It's not something that we should feel proud about or something that should cause us to boast. But rather it is something that should humble our hearts and cause us to rejoice in His goodness towards hell-deserving sinners. Those of us who are saved now, should be praying for our friends and family who still have not accepted God's tender mercy towards them; we need to pray that He will open their eyes of understanding and accept His offer of mercy and salvation. Let's share the good news of His grace and love for sinners today with those we come into contact with!

Hugs, Karen x

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Song of Solomon 7:10 - 8:8 ♥ "Who is this...leaning upon her beloved?" ♥

Hi girls! I do hope that this is a good weekend for you all and that you are able to have some rest, especially if you have had a busy work week. I was away for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and then back to work on Wednesday so I'm posting my thoughts on Thursday's and Friday's readings this morning.

Image result for leaning on someone's arm

Chapter 7 verses 10 - 13 reveals a lovely picture of unity between the two lovers. The bride knows that she is in a very special situation. She is well and truly blessed and she is aware of it and wants to tell others. She tells the daughters of Jerusalem that she belongs to her beloved, that they have a really close bond and are truly special to each other; and not only that, but she is the centre desire of his heart. Everything he does, is with her in mind. This is a wonderful picture of our relationship with Christ! As His blood-bought people, we know that we belong to Him, we are special to Him and the very desire of His heart is towards us. Isn't this amazing? To think that the God of heaven loves each one of us individually and wants to have that very special relationship with us is just astounding. And even more, everything that God does, or even allows to happen, is with our best interests at heart. Whatever your individual situation may be this weekend, the Lord God Jehovah loves you with a special and tender love and His desire is towards YOU! He wants you to know that He loves you, that you mean everything to Him and He only wants the best for you, even if that doesn't seem clear to you at this moment in time.

Chapter 8 verse 5 looks to me like the daughters of Jerusalem are speaking to each other here. They see someone in the distance coming out of the wilderness, leaning upon the arm of her beloved. Soon they realise that it is the young woman they have known since she was born, who they helped to look after. They see her looking confident and happy as she walks with her beloved. Before salvation, we travelled through the wilderness of sin, wandering about in a lost condition, with no hope for the future. But when the Lord Jesus Christ met and saved us, we were changed and we journeyed out of the wilderness into fruitful vineyards with Him. We could not have made this journey by ourselves, but only by leaning on His strong arm of salvation. He is our strength and our confidence and now we have a purpose as His beloved people that we would never have had if we had tried to make our way through life on our own. Can people see the change in you? Perhaps there are people who knew you when you were in the wilderness of sin, wandering lost and alone. But now that you are saved and leaning on your Beloved, can they see the change for the better in your life? Can they see that strength and confidence that comes from being the desire of Christ's heart? Is it something that would make others want to know and trust Him too?

Hugs, Karen x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Song of Solomon 7:1-9

Good evening, girls! I trust you are well and enjoying the nearness of Christ in your life today.

I don't know about you, but these verses were quite difficult, I thought. Yes, I can see that the bridegroom is talking about his love and is praising her affectionately for all her good points. I did notice that he doesn't say anything negative about her; it's all good. Quite unlike us, don't you think? We are often quick to be negative about others, to point out their faults. We often emphasize the things we don't like about someone, even though their good points may outweigh the bad; it always seems to be the bad things we focus on and minimize the good. What a strange bunch people are! I'm so glad our heavenly Father is quite the opposite to us! He sees us in His Son and therefore He sees us as wonderful, cleansed, holy. How amazing is that?! I'm thrilled that God looks at me and judges me by His own standards, not by the same ones I may apply to others or by the ones other people judge me by.

When you look back over your life, before salvation and after, you will probably feel overwhelmed at times by the sinful things you have thought, done and said. We could let ourselves get down as we ponder these things but this is not what God wants for us. He wants us to be strong in Him, to know how much He absolutely adores us and to walk straight and tall in our Christian life for Him. We have nothing to be afraid of, past, present or future. Our sins are under the blood and we belong completely to Christ. What an amazing relationship we have with the Creator of the universe. Isn't it just so wonderful to be loved as we are, blessed beyond measure, seen as holy - all because of Christ. I trust that you will know the blessedness of that love and relationship this very night. Draw close to a God who sees us, not as we once were, but as we are now, redeemed and forgiven!

Hugs, Karen x

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Last six days of Song of Solomon

Good afternoon, girls! Today's post will be VERY short and sweet as time is running away from me at the minute! I'm just posting the reading plan for Mon - Fri of next week and the Mon of the following week, which brings us right to the end of August and the end of another book in God's precious Word!

Well done to you if you managed to stay with us for this very difficult but beautiful part of the Word of the living God. I do hope you were able to glean special treasures from it. I would also like to thank those of you who have been with me for many months now, studying the Word together and encouraging me with your words of friendship and telling me what you have learned. These comments are always very much appreciated.

Here is Courtney's plan for our next readings up until Christmas DV.

September 7th- October 14th
The Book of Actsone chapter a day
October 15th – 25th:
October 26th – December 14th:
The Book of Numbersone chapter a day
If you are interested, I see that Courtney has published her very own Journal for the upcoming studies in the book of Acts, which you can buy here at Amazon

Looking forward to getting into God's Word with you again next week. Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Karen x 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Song of Solomon 5:8,9 ♥ What's so special about your beloved? ♥

Good afternoon girls! The weather has been lovely here today in Northern Ireland, warm and sunny. A great opportunity to get sheets and curtains washed and dried!

Today's reading is very short and sweet, just two verses, but they say a lot.

In verse 8, the bride has been searching everywhere for her beloved, after he left when she wouldn't open the door to his knocking and calling. She speaks to the other young women and begs them to speak to her beloved on her behalf if they should find him. She told them to tell him that she was 'sick of love'. This does not mean that she was fed up with being in love and didn't want to be in love anymore; no, it simply means that she was overwhelmed with love for him and was in distress at missing him so much. She knows the fault is hers and she feels grieved with herself that she was selfish about putting her own needs first by staying in bed. 'Lovesick' is a word that was used when I was a teenager to describe this feeling. Maybe not being able to eat, unhappy, tearful, could think about nothing else - this is all a description of the bride being 'sick of love'. The word 'of' could be replaced with the word 'with'.
Surely this is how we feel when we are not in close communion with our Lord. Maybe we are feeling out of sorts, just not at ourselves, perhaps feeling down but we just can't put a finger on what's wrong. We should take stock and think 'when was the last time we talked to our Beloved?' Maybe we are missing Him (and if we are truly saved this is definitely the case) and we need to spend more time with Him. Do you ever get dehydrated? I never drink enough water although I'm trying to do better. But I can tell now when I'm dehydrated because my mouth goes dry and I get terrible headaches. I even feel like my brain is shrivelling up! Well, this is the same for our soul when we allow ourselves to drift away from the Lord. we are not drinking fully from the Water of life and we feel as though there is a drought in our soul. Things aren't right and our heart and soul can feel dried up.  

In verse 9, the daughters of Jerusalem ask her, 'What is so special about your beloved? What has he done that makes him better than anybody else's loved one?' What a wonderful opportunity to talk about her beloved. Where would she even begin to start in mentioning all the lovely things about him?
What do you do when someone asks you 'what's so special about your God?'. Do you panic and shy away from answering them, perhaps embarrassed or ashamed of Him? Or do you praise the Lord for the chance to talk about all His wonderful attributes...His mercy, love, grace, longsuffering, goodness, perfection, salvation...we could go on and on for eternity! We should be asking the Lord to give us opportunities to witness for Him and when they come, we should jump straight in and give our testimony of what the Lord has done for us! This is news that we should definitely not be keeping to ourselves. That's being selfish. Why should we have news like this and not want to share it with the unsaved? Take every opportunity He gives you to glorify and honour His lovely name.

Hugs, Karen x